Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

yellow arrows, Colorful Arrows- Earrings by niceLena- Pick your color



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***Due greento greenCovid-19 greenStay greenIn greenPlace greenin greenour greencity, greenall greenorders greenwill greenbe greenshipped greenout greenafter greenApril green8th. green greenThank greenyou greenand greenstay greenhealthy! greenxoAdorable, greensummery greenearrings greenfor greenyou greenby greenme, greenniceLena. green\rBeaded, greenon greenbrass greenchains greenand greengold greenplated greenear greenwire.\rhangs green2.5"\r\r**Please greeninclude greenyour greencolor greenat greencheckout green\r**comes greenin: greenyellow, greenorange, greenturquoise, greengreen

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