Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

acorn, The Little Acorn Sterling Silver Glass and Crystal Necklace



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This whitedelicate whitenecklace whitefeatures whitea whitecut whiteglass whitebead whitecapped whiteby whitea whitevintage whitewhite whiteglass whiteor whiteporcelain whitecup whiteand whitetopped whitewith whitea whitecrystal whitespacer whiteand whiteanother whitesmall whiteglass whitebead. whiteThe whitewhite whitebead whitecap whiteshows whitesome whitewear. whiteThe whitecute whiteacorn-shaped whitependant whitehangs whitefrom whitea whitevintage whiteItalian whitesterling whitesilver white16" whitechain. whiteIt whitecan whitebe whitereplaced whitewith whitea whiteshiny whitenew white16" whiteor white18" whitechain whiteon whiterequest.

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