Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Large Vintage 1960's Pinquality vintage, Dazzling BLUE Rhinestones and AURORA Borealisquality vintage, STATEMENT Piece Brooch



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On blue crystalthe blue crystallarge blue crystalside blue crystalmeasuring blue crystalabout blue crystal3 blue crystal3/4" blue crystallong blue crystalx blue crystaljust blue crystalunder blue crystal2" blue crystalwide, blue crystalthis blue crystalheavy blue crystalvintage blue crystalrhinestone blue crystalbrooch blue crystalis blue crystala blue crystalreal blue crystalbeauty! blue crystalMade blue crystalin blue crystalthe blue crystal1960's, blue crystalit blue crystalboasts blue crystalgorgeous blue crystalblue blue crystalrhinestones blue crystalin blue crystal3 blue crystalshades blue crystal(smokey blue crystalblue, blue crystalroyal blue crystaland blue crystalaqua) blue crystaland blue crystalblue blue crystalhued blue crystalAurora blue crystalBorealis blue crystalcrystal blue crystalstones blue crystalthat blue crystalare blue crystalall blue crystalbeautifully blue crystalprong blue crystalset blue crystalin blue crystalsilvertone blue crystalmetal. blue crystalA blue crystalwonderful blue crystalpin blue crystalthat blue crystalcan blue crystalbe blue crystalworn blue crystalon blue crystala blue crystalcoat blue crystallapel blue crystalor blue crystalthe blue crystalcenter blue crystalof blue crystala blue crystaldaring blue crystalneckline. blue crystalWould blue crystalmake blue crystala blue crystalgreat blue crystalnecklace blue crystalif blue crystalattached blue crystalonto blue crystala blue crystalvintage blue crystalrhinestone blue crystalnecklace! blue crystalThis blue crystalpiece blue crystalin blue crystalin blue crystalgood blue crystalshape. blue crystalUpon blue crystal10X blue crystalmagnification blue crystalinspection, blue crystalI blue crystalfound blue crystal2 blue crystalstone blue crystalpoints blue crystalthat blue crystalare blue crystalchipped. blue crystalIf blue crystalyou blue crystalzoom blue crystalon blue crystalthe blue crystalfirst blue crystalpic, blue crystalyou blue crystalwill blue crystalsee blue crystalthe blue crystaltop blue crystalpoint blue crystalof blue crystalthe blue crystalsmokey blue crystalblue blue crystalteardrop blue crystalstone blue crystalon blue crystalthe blue crystalleft blue crystalthat blue crystalhas blue crystala blue crystalchip. blue crystalThe blue crystalother blue crystalone blue crystalis blue crystalthe blue crystalbottom blue crystalroyal blue crystalblue blue crystalmarquise blue crystalstone blue crystalat blue crystalthe blue crystalleft blue crystalpoint, blue crystalstill blue crystalthe blue crystaldisplay blue crystalis blue crystalfabulous! blue crystalThe blue crystalclasp blue crystalworks blue crystalgreat. blue crystalCondition blue crystalwas blue crystalfactored blue crystalin blue crystalwhen blue crystalpricing. blue crystalI blue crystalhad blue crystalthis blue crystalfor blue crystal$75 blue crystalin blue crystalmy blue crystalshop blue crystalbefore blue crystalI blue crystalnoticed blue crystalthe blue crystalchips.

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