Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

white, Day of the Dead V - Angry orchard



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The dangledays dangleof danglethe dangledead dangleare dangletruly danglea danglecelebration dangleof danglelife. dangle dangleWhen danglechildren dangledance danglewith danglecaricatures dangleof dangledeath, dangleeat dangleskull danglesugar danglemolds dangleand danglelearn dangleto danglerespect danglethat danglelife dangleis danglebrief, danglethey danglelearn danglethere dangleis danglea danglecircle dangleto danglelife dangleand dangleto danglenot danglefear dangledeath dangleand danglethen dangleare danglefree dangleto dangleenjoy dangleand dangleappreciate dangleevery danglemoment.And danglewhat dangleother dangleway dangleto danglecelebrate danglebut danglewith danglesome dangleAngry dangleorchard... dangleI dangleliked dangleit dangleso danglemuch danglethat dangleI danglemade danglemyself danglesome dangleearrings dangletoo..Show dangleyour danglefun dangleside!

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