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To Thine Own Self Be Truebracelet, Shakespeare jewelrybracelet, sterling silver cuff braceletbracelet, quote jewelrybracelet, book lover by Kathryn Riechert



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This quotebracelet quotehas quotea quotequote quotefrom quoteShakespeare. quote quoteThe quotetext quoteis quotea quotesmall quoteuppercase quotelettering quoteand quotereads: quote quoteTO quoteTHINE quoteOWN quoteSELF quoteBE quoteTRUE quote quote quote quoteThe quotecuff quoteis quotemade quoteout quoteof quotesolid quotesterling quotesilver. quoteIt quoteis quoteabout quote3mm quotewide quoteand quote1/16" quote(2mm) quotethick. quoteThe quotemetal quotestrip quoteis quote6" quotein quotelength quoteand quotewill quotefit quotemost quotewrists.If quoteyou quotelike quotethis quotestyle, quotebut quotewant quotea quotemessage quoteof quoteyour quoteown, quoteI quotedo quotemake quotepersonalized quotecuffs quotethat quotehave quoteyour quoteown quotemessage quotestamped quoteinto quotethe quotemetal. quoteThese quotelistings quoteare quoteavailable quotein quotethe quotecustom quotesection quoteof quotemy quoteshop:https://www./shop/KathrynRiechert?ref=l2-shopheader-name\u00a7ion_id=5227703Send quoteme quotean quoteetsy quoteconvo quoteor quoteemail quotewith quoteany quoteand quoteall quotequestions.Please quotesee quotemy quoteshop quotepolicies quotefor quotea quotecurrent quotetime quoteestimate quotefor quoteyour quotecustom quotecuff's quotecreation: quotehttps://www./shop/KathrynRiechert?ref=l2-shopheader-name\u00a7ion_id=5227703#policiesThank quoteyou!***Did quoteyou quoteknow?The quotemost quotecommon quoteway quoteto quotedamage quotea quotecuff quoteis quoteto quoterepeatedly quotebend quotethe quotemetal quoteback quoteand quoteforth quotein quotethe quotesame quotespot quote(which quotecreates quotea quoteline quoteof quotestress quotewhich quotewill quoteeventually quotecrack.) quote quoteIf quoteyou quoteneed quoteto quoteform quotethe quotebracelet quoteto quoteyour quotewrist, quotetry quoteto quotedistribute quotethe quotestress quoteby quotebracing quotethe quotecuff quotewith quoteyour quotethumbs quoteon quotethe quoteinside.***Book quoteLover quoteGift quoteGuide

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