Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, Swarovski Crystal Ball Drop Earrings



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Made sterling silverwith sterling silverSterling sterling silverSilver sterling silverand sterling silverSwarovski sterling silverCrystals.\r\rShown sterling silverin sterling silverCrystal sterling silverAB. sterling silverCan sterling silverbe sterling silvercustomized.\r\rAvailable sterling silverin sterling silverAquamarine, sterling silverAquamarine sterling silverAB, sterling silverCopper, sterling silverCrystal, sterling silverCrystal sterling silverAB, sterling silverCrystal sterling silverGolden sterling silverShadow, sterling silverFuchsia sterling silverAB, sterling silverIndian sterling silverPink sterling silverAB, sterling silverIndian sterling silverSapphire, sterling silverLight sterling silverRose sterling silverAB, sterling silverLight sterling silverRose sterling silverSatin, sterling silverOlivine, sterling silverOlivine sterling silverAB\r\rPlease sterling silverspecify sterling silvercolor sterling silverwhen sterling silverordering.\r\rNOTE: sterling silverPlease sterling silverallow sterling silverup sterling silverto sterling silver2 sterling silverweeks sterling silverfor sterling silverproduction sterling silverof sterling silvercustomized sterling silveritems. sterling silver(Items sterling silverthat sterling silverare sterling silvernot sterling silverordered sterling silverwith sterling silverthe sterling silvercolor(s) sterling silvershown sterling silverare sterling silverconsidered sterling silvercustomized sterling silveritems.)

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