Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

14k yellow, 14k Genuine White Sapphire Tennis Bracelet



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14k 14k yellowWhite 14k yellowGold 14k yellowwith 14k yellowWhite 14k yellowSapphires 14k yellowTennis 14k yellowBracelet.Not 14k yellowfill 14k yellowor 14k yellowplated.Genuine 14k yellowSapphires 14k yellowOrigin: 14k yellowSri 14k yellowLanka 14k yellow(Ceylon)This 14k yellowTennis 14k yellowBracelet 14k yellowcan 14k yellowbe 14k yellow14k 14k yellowyellow 14k yellowgold 14k yellowas 14k yellowwell.Color 14k yellowDClarity 14k yellowVVS/IFVery 14k yellowDiamond 14k yellowlike!7" 14k yellowlength41 14k yellowcountEach 14k yellowsapphire 14k yellowis 14k yellow3mm=.17ctTotal 14k yellowcarat 14k yellowweight 14k yellow7ct.Layaway 14k yellowavailable.

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