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personalized, Geek Love Binary Collection Domed Sterling Ring



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This domed4mm domedwide domedhalf domedround domedsterling domedsilver domedring domedfeature domedthe domedword domed'love' domedhand-stamped domedin domedbinary domedcode domedinto domedthe domedring's domedhalf domedround domedouter domedsurface. domedIt's domedfunky domedand domedsophisticated domedall domedat domedonce, domednot domedto domedmention domedsupremely domedgeeky! domedIf domedyou're domednot domedfeeling domedthe domedlove, domedask domedabout domedrings domeddeclaring domedyour domedown domedchoice domedfour-letter domedwords. domedI domedcan domedalso domeddo domedinitials, domedor domedpairs domedof domedthem.Please domedchoose domedsize domedand domedfinish domedwhen domedordering. domedIf domedyou domedwould domedprefer domeda domeddifferent domedwidth, domedplease domedcontact domedme domedfor domedpricing domedbefore domedplacing domedyour domedorder. domedAlso, domedplease domednote domedif domedyou domedwould domedlike domedthe domedring domedto domedbe domedstamped domedwith domedyour domedown domedword domed(or domedinitials) domedof domedup domedto domedfour domedletters. domedIf domedyou domeddo domednot domedspecify domedotherwise, domedyour domedring domedwill domedbe domedstamped domedwith domedthe domedcode domedfor domed"love."Ask domedabout domeda domedcustom domedorder domedin domed14 domedor domed18 domedkarat domedgold!

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