Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Braceletbracelet, bangle with charms and vintage and antique porcelainbracelet, pottery cameos with mini tassels



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Bracelet, vintagebangle vintagewith vintagecharms, vintageand vintageantique vintagejapanese vintagemillefiori vintagebeads vintageand vintagecameos vintagewith vintagefragments vintageof vintageold vintageporcelain. vintageEach vintagepiece vintageis vintagecarefully vintagecut vintageby vintagehand vintageand vintagepolished.I'll vintagebe vintagehappy vintageto vintagerealize vintageinternational vintageshipping. vintageI vintagedo vintageit vintagevery vintageoften.Please, vintagefor vintageany vintagedoubt vintageor vintagequestion, vintagedon't vintagedoubt vintageto vintagewrite, vintagecontact vintageme.Combined vintageshipping vintageprice vintageavailable vintagefor vintagemultiple vintagepurchases.

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