Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Vintage 1960's Blue LUCITE Earrings By CLAUDETTEblue lucite earrings, Nylon Leaf Earrings in Silvertone



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Leaf trifari earringsshaped trifari earringsblue trifari earringsnylon trifari earringsplastic trifari earringsand trifari earringsSilvertone trifari earringsmake trifari earringsthese trifari earringsbeautiful trifari earringsvintage trifari earringsearrings trifari earringsgreat trifari earringsfor trifari earringssummer!They trifari earringsare trifari earringssigned trifari earringson trifari earringsthe trifari earringsback trifari earrings\u201cClaudette\u201d trifari earringswith trifari earringsa trifari earringscopyright trifari earringssymbol. trifari earringsUS trifari earringscopyright trifari earringslaws trifari earringswere trifari earringschanged trifari earringsin trifari earrings1955 trifari earringsbased trifari earringson trifari earringsa trifari earrings trifari earringslawsuit trifari earringsthat trifari earringsTrifari trifari earringswon trifari earringsagainst trifari earringsCharel. trifari earringsMost trifari earringscostume trifari earringsjewelry trifari earringshaving trifari earringsthe trifari earringscopyright trifari earringsmark trifari earringswas trifari earringsmade trifari earringsafter trifari earrings1955. trifari earringsSo trifari earringsI trifari earringsbelieve trifari earringsthat trifari earringsthese trifari earringsare trifari earringspost trifari earrings1955, trifari earringslikely trifari earringsearly trifari earrings60s. trifari earringsEarrings trifari earringsare trifari earrings1 trifari earrings1/4" trifari earrings trifari earringsx trifari earrings1 trifari earrings3/4\u201d.In trifari earringsexcellent trifari earringscondition. trifari earringsBoth trifari earringsthe trifari earringsearring trifari earringsclips trifari earringswork trifari earringsfine.

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