Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

industrial art, Copper and glass geology inspired kilt pin



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This recycled copperbrooch recycled copperis recycled copperinspired recycled copperby recycled coppersedimentary recycled copperlayers recycled copperof recycled copperearth recycled copperand recycled copperis recycled coppertwisted recycled copperand recycled copperhammered recycled copperfrom recycled copperrecycled recycled copperroofing recycled coppercopper. recycled copper recycled copperI recycled copperadded recycled coppera recycled copperpiece recycled copperof recycled copperfaceted recycled copperblack recycled copperglass recycled copperfor recycled coppersparkle. recycled copper recycled copperI've recycled copperput recycled copperan recycled copperantiqued recycled copperfinish recycled copperon recycled copperit recycled copperand recycled coppersealed recycled copperit recycled copperwith recycled coppertung recycled copperoil recycled coppervarnish. recycled copper recycled copperIt recycled copperwould recycled coppermake recycled coppera recycled coppergreat recycled copperstatement recycled copperpiece recycled copperfor recycled coppera recycled copperman recycled copperor recycled copperwoman.

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