Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Vintage 60's GLASS Beaded FLOWER Pinkawaii brooch, Hippie Flower Powerkawaii brooch, 70's Mod Daisy Brooch



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This kawaii broochfun kawaii broochlittle kawaii broochbrooch kawaii broochis kawaii broochfrom kawaii broochthe kawaii broochflower kawaii broochpower kawaii broochera kawaii broochof kawaii broochthe kawaii brooch1960's kawaii broochor kawaii broochearly kawaii brooch1970's. kawaii broochThis kawaii broochhippie kawaii broochbrooch kawaii broochis kawaii broochmade kawaii broochwith kawaii broochtiny kawaii broochglass kawaii broochseed kawaii broochbeads kawaii broochinto kawaii broochthe kawaii broochshape kawaii broochof kawaii broocha kawaii broochbright kawaii broochdaisy.Measures kawaii broochin kawaii brooch1 kawaii brooch1/2\u201d kawaii broochdiameter kawaii broochand kawaii broochthe kawaii broochclasp kawaii broochworks kawaii broochwell.

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