Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Vintage 60's HIPPY Flower Pin / 70's Enamel FLOWER POWER Pin / Your Choicelarge flower brooch, one or both



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Offered hippie costumehere hippie costumeis hippie costumeyour hippie costumechoice hippie costumeof hippie costumeone hippie costumeor hippie costumeboth hippie costumeof hippie costume2 hippie costumeflower hippie costumepins hippie costumefrom hippie costumethe hippie costumePSYCHEDELIC hippie costumeera hippie costumeof hippie costumethe hippie costume1960's hippie costumeor hippie costumeearly hippie costume1970's. hippie costume1) hippie costumeThe hippie costumesilver hippie costumeflower hippie costumewith hippie costumethe hippie costumepearl hippie costumecenter hippie costumehas hippie costumeboth hippie costumea hippie costumematte hippie costumeand hippie costumeshiny hippie costumefinish hippie costumein hippie costumea hippie costumevery hippie costumethree hippie costumedimensional hippie costumedesign. hippie costumeIt hippie costumeappears hippie costumethat hippie costumethere hippie costumewas hippie costumeoriginally hippie costumea hippie costumestem hippie costumein hippie costumethe hippie costumeback hippie costumebut hippie costumeit hippie costumehas hippie costumebroken hippie costumeoff. hippie costumeMeasures hippie costumejust hippie costumeunder hippie costume2 hippie costume1/2\u201d hippie costumediameter2) hippie costumeThis hippie costumebrooch hippie costumehas hippie costumetwo hippie costumeshades, hippie costumepale hippie costumeyellow hippie costumeflower hippie costumewith hippie costumea hippie costumehot hippie costumepink hippie costumeborder!Measures hippie costumejust hippie costumeover hippie costume3 hippie costume1/2\u201d hippie costumelong hippie costumex hippie costume2 hippie costume1/2\u201d hippie costumewidthBut hippie costumeboth hippie costumefor hippie costume$42

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