Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

kisses, Shocking Pink Lipstick Traces Hand Embroidered Pin Brooch Hand Stitched Kisses



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Hand kissesstitched kisseslip kissesstick kissestraces kissesbrooch. kissesEmbroidered kissesover kissesmy kissesoriginal kissesdrawing kissesin kissesshocking kissespink kissesthread kisseson kissescream kissescotton kissesfabric. kissesMeasuring kisses1.5 kissesinches kissesor kissesapprox kisses4 kissescm kissesa kisseslovely kissesgift kissesfor kissesa kissessweetheart kissesor kissesa kissesgift kissesfor kissesyour kissesgood kissesself. kissesReady kissesto kissesship, kissesyou kisseswill kissesreceive kissesone kisseslipstick kissestraces kissesbrooch.

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