Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

chain pendant, TRIFARI 70s MOD Silver Tone Pendant / 60s Chain MADMEN Necklace



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From chain pendantthe chain pendant1970's, chain pendantthis chain pendantsilvertone chain pendant chain pendantTrifari chain pendantnecklace chain pendanthas chain pendantan chain pendantinteresting chain pendantmod chain pendantfloral chain pendantdesign chain pendantwith chain pendanta chain pendantcut chain pendantout, chain pendantfiligree chain pendantstyle chain pendantpattern chain pendantin chain pendantthe chain pendantmetal. chain pendantThe chain pendantchain chain pendantis chain pendant30 chain pendantinches chain pendantlong chain pendantand chain pendantthe chain pendantpendant chain pendantmeasures chain pendant2 chain pendant3/4 chain pendantx chain pendant1 chain pendant3/4\u201d chain pendantand chain pendantin chain pendantexcellent chain pendantcondition! chain pendantIt chain pendantis chain pendantsigned chain pendantTrifari.

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