Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

nerd gifts, Hand Stitched Embroidered B Initial Brooch Shocking Pink Monogram



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Cute hand stitchedinitial hand stitchedB hand stitchedhand hand stitchedstitched hand stitchedembroidered hand stitchedbrooch. hand stitchedShocking hand stitchedink hand stitchedthread hand stitchedon hand stitchedcream hand stitchedcotton hand stitchedfabric, hand stitchedmounted hand stitchedonto hand stitchedsilver hand stitchedcoloured hand stitchedmetal hand stitchedbrooch hand stitchedback. hand stitchedThe hand stitchedbrooch hand stitchedmeasures hand stitchedapprox hand stitched1 hand stitchedinch hand stitchedacross hand stitchedor hand stitchedabout hand stitched3 hand stitchedcm. hand stitchedReady hand stitchedto hand stitchedship hand stitchedyou hand stitchedwill hand stitchedreceive hand stitchedthe hand stitchedB hand stitchedbrooch hand stitchedin hand stitchedthe hand stitchedphoto.

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