Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pendant necklace, hand stamped brass camel necklace - oh sh*t



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A unisex jewelryvintage unisex jewelrybrass unisex jewelrycamel unisex jewelryhas unisex jewelrybeen unisex jewelryhand unisex jewelrystamped unisex jewelrywith unisex jewelrythe unisex jewelrywords unisex jewelry"oh unisex jewelryshit." unisex jewelryI unisex jewelrymust unisex jewelryhave unisex jewelrybeen unisex jewelrylistening unisex jewelryto unisex jewelrythe unisex jewelryBuzzcocks unisex jewelrywhen unisex jewelryI unisex jewelrymade unisex jewelryit. unisex jewelryThe unisex jewelrycamel unisex jewelryis unisex jewelry1.5" unisex jewelryx unisex jewelry1.75". unisex jewelryAntiqued unisex jewelrybrass unisex jewelrycolor unisex jewelrychain unisex jewelryis unisex jewelry20". unisex jewelryShips unisex jewelryin unisex jewelrya unisex jewelrygift unisex

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