Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

leaves, Like Two Peas in a Pod Green Stone and Vintage Leaf Charm Necklace



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This leavessweet leavespea leavesof leavesa leavesnecklace leavesfeatures leavesa leavesgreen leavesstone leavesand leavesa leavesvintage leavesleaf leavescharm leavessuspended leavesfrom leavesa leavesgold-filled leaveschain. leavesThe leaveschain leavesmeasures leaves18", leavesbut leavesis leavesavailable leavesin leaves16" leaveslengths leavesupon leavesrequest. leavesPlease leavesnote leavesthat leavesthere leavesmay leavesbe leavessome leavescolor leavesvariations leavesamong leavesthe leavesgreen leavesstones, leavesso leavesyours leavesmay leavesdiffer leavesslightly leavesfrom leavesthe leavesimage.

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