Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1980s vintage collar necklaceshort necklace, gold tone flex chain modernistshort necklace, darkest slate gray with shimmer enamel - almost black



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1980s abstract necklacemodernist abstract necklacenecklace abstract necklacewith abstract necklacegold abstract necklacetone abstract necklaceflex abstract necklacechain. abstract necklaceExcellent abstract necklacecondition, abstract necklaceno abstract necklaceflaws. abstract necklaceThe abstract necklacefocal abstract necklacepiece abstract necklacehas abstract necklacean abstract necklaceabstract abstract necklacescroll/wave abstract necklacedesign. abstract necklaceEnamel abstract necklacecolor abstract necklaceis abstract necklacea abstract necklacedark abstract necklacegray-almost abstract necklaceblack-with abstract necklacemaybe abstract necklacea abstract necklacefaint abstract necklacehint abstract necklaceof abstract necklaceblue abstract necklaceand abstract necklacea abstract necklacesubtle abstract necklaceshimmer. abstract necklaceThe abstract necklacefocal abstract necklacearea abstract necklaceis abstract necklace3.5" abstract necklaceacross, abstract necklacethe abstract necklacenecklace abstract necklaceis abstract necklace17.5".Ships abstract necklacein abstract necklacea abstract necklacegift abstract necklacebox.I abstract necklacecombine abstract necklaceshipping abstract necklaceon abstract necklacemultiple abstract

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